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Forced Order
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whats the 'blank' for wedging clay
define kaolinization
what temp or cone is earthenware fired to
why wear rubber gloves when using glaze stain or slip
when is best time to apply decorative slip and why
define a eutectic relationship
formula for surface stains
3 main ingredients to glaze
3 types of slip
when do you shut off kiln
what are 3 cones in visual cone pack called
define engobe
why are peyrometric cones used
when is greenware ready for first firing
what is flux?
when firing at 8am after what to do?
how mix plaster
define frit
when is glaze applied
what are pyrometric cones
how much does greenware shrink during drying
visual cone pack #s in order of melting
whats mineral composition of plaster
what are 3 stages of greenware
if cone saftey setter shuts off prematurely...
what is a glaze
what what contributes to playsticity
2 ways surface stains used in application
what is a refractory material
what temp or cone stoneware fired to (cups)
why score clay
when firing at 11am 2pm and 5pm what to do?
define clay plasticity
what are 2 types of colorants used in glaze
what is first firing called?
when throwing what are your hand positions to make a pull
when firing at 9:30-10pm what to do?
describe how set up pyrometric cone saftey setter
what is greenware
bonus:what happens when clay body defloculates
how does clay form in nature
what material in clay is harmful to breathe
what temp or cone range do we fire to
when ready to be unleaded
define quartz inversion

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