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Main event is 30 man elimination match
All of the matches were between the WWF and The Alliance (WCW and ECW)
The pay-per-views were themed around the old ECW promotion and so consisted of various hardcore matches
Many of the matches were fatal-four way matches
One of the matches will be the Money in the Bank ladder match
One or more of the matches will be a Hell in a Cell match
Many of the matches will either be 'Extreme Rules' matches or will otherwise be variants of hardcore wrestling
Every championship must be defended
A focus on elimination-style matches, particularly the traditional Survivor Series elimination tag-team match
Many of the matches were focused on forcing your opponent to give up, either through submission matches or 'I Quit' matches
The Raw and SmackDown brands would compete against one another for a 'Bragging Rights' trophy, and a 14-man tag team match between the two brands would take place
Show of Shows
TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs At least one of the matches will be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match, while individual chair matches, ladder matches, and tables
Mainly focused on revenge

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