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You're the doctor again. Can you find out the following diseases?

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Severe headache what comes in seizures.
Spreads with droplet infection. Symptoms: continous weakness, headache, sore throat, bigger, painful and inflammated parotid,
Phisical manifestation of extreme psychic troubles. Symptoms: loss of sensation, feeling numb, high mood, hand paralysis.
Symptoms: insatialble sex drive, inability to binding, constant partner changing, compulsive sex.
The main symptom is the typical red rash. Comes with high fever, vomiting, shivering, sore throat, difficult swallowing.
It's a toxic food poisoning. Symptoms: nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, double vision, decreased speech function, dysphagia, respiratory troubles.
Injuries on the skin which appears after long laying in bed. Symptoms: severe pain, itching, erythema, wounds.
Spreads only from animals to people. Symptoms: paralysis, coma, seizures, hallucinations, high fever, hydrophobia, rage.
Bacterial infection which comes with heavy, rice water-like diarrhea. Other symptoms: vomiting, drying, fainting, coma.
A viral haemorrhagic fever. Symptoms: stomach ache, vomiting, headache, high fever, bloody diarrhea, internal bleeding

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