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Be the doctor, find out, what disease fits to the smyptoms.

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Usually appears in obese people. Symptoms: glucose in the urine, high blood sugar, acetone odored breath, insuline resistence.
The main cause is a bacteria named helicobacter pylori. Symptoms: heartburn, sweating, vomit, tarry stool, burning stomach ache, chest pain.
A genetic disorder. Symptoms: disproportionately long limbs, remarkably long fingers, loose joints at the limbs.
An inflammatory disease at the white matter of the CNS. Symptoms: nystagmus, unsteadiness, dizziness, ataxia, incontinence, short-term memory loss, slowed speech.
A mite infestation. Symptoms: intense itching, especially at night, lines in the skin.
The disease of the lack of ascorbic acid. Symptoms: anorexia, fatigue, malaise, dry skin, slower wound healing, bleeding
Appears when the blood supply of the heart muscles decreased. Symptoms: chest pain, twinge behind the sternum, sweating, panicking fear of death.
Usually appears in women. Symptoms are similar to sepsis. Symptoms: vomit, rash, dizziness, blood pressure dropping, skin peeling, faint,
Overproduction of cortisol. Symptoms: high blood pressure and blood sugar, bone pain, moon face, increased red blood cell and leukocyte count, hypokalaemia
Related to uncoordinated movement. Symptoms: malaise, dizziness, nausea, feeling insecured, drying, severe vomiting

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