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Fruit poisoned by the Wicked Witch in Snow WhiteA
UK Children's comic published since 1938 including the character Dennis the MenaceB
Person employed by professional golfers to carry their clubs in tournamentsC
Harry Potter frees this character by giving him a sockD
This bird appears on the Seal of AmericaE
English TV presenter whose autobiography is titled 'Storm in a C Cup' - Caroline _____F
Fourth Letter of the Greek AlphabetG
The Weeknd's single prior to 'I Can't Feel My Face' - The _____H
The 'Gem State'I
Top scorer at the 2014 FIFA World Cup - _____ RodriguezJ
Singer who famously appeared alongside Jason Donovan in NeighboursK
Seventh sign of the zodiacL
Name of Luke's Step-Uncle in the sitcom Modern FamilyM
English World Cup winner in 1966 - _____ StilesN
Represents letter O in the military alphabetO
Actor who appeared in Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy - Chris _____P
Hairstyle popularised by the Teddy BoysQ
Song by Amy WinehouseR
Record label owner famed for being the 'mean judge' on reality TV shows - _____ CowellS
Nickname of former President Theodore RooseveltT
Fleshy extension at the back of your mouthU
Roman Goddess of LoveV
Name of the Tatooine trader who bought Shmi Skywalker and her son AnakinW
Element with the atomic number 54X
Chandler fakes a work relocation here to avoid JaniceY
Animal voiced by Chris Rock in MadagascarZ

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