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Can you name the match the names of 2 Tailors court to the pick up line or phrase?

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'Six inches is better than no inches'
'Want to touch my hair?' 'YEAH!' 'Cool, huh?' 'Yup' 'well, nice meeting you' 'Yeah you too, bye'
'Hey, wanna come back to mine for some sex and pizza?' 'What the ****!?! 'What? You don't like pizza?''
'If you and I were the last people on earth, would you sleep with me?' 'Ummm...no' 'Well, if we were the last people on earth, you wouldn't have a choice'
'I've got a feeling you're gonna get laid tonight?' 'Really? How do you know!?' 'I'm stronger than you'
'How bout you and me go back to the library and make sweet sweet debate? I'll do most of the HARD labour'
'Excuse me, you have the most magnificent arse i have ever seen'
'20 seconds in heaven is better than no seconds in heaven'
'You dont know what i could do to you with a cactus, a jar of mayonnaise, and a large rabbit called jessica'

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