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Can you name the lands, kingdoms, and places of Middle-Earth?

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Land of the Hobbits
City on the Long Lake
Island gifted to the Edain, destroyed in the Second Age
Only known source of Mithril
Where the Arkenstone rests in Thorin's Tomb
Saruman's Land
Far Eastern Lands
The Golden Wood
Southern Kingdom of the Númenóreans
The universe of Middle-Earth
The White City
The Great River, stretching from the Grey Mountains to the Sea
City where the Nazgul dwell
Shelob's Lair
Sauron's Realm
Ancient kingdom of Elves, where Sting was forged
Land of the Horselords
Frodo and Sam get lost in these hills
Where Tom Bombadil lives
The Undying Lands
Former Capitol of Gondor
Hill of Hearing
Northern Kingdom of the Númenóreans
Mountain chain that includes Caradhras the Cruel
Pillars of the Kings
Where Dain's people dwelt before the Battle of Five Armies
Thranduil rules the northern part of this realm
Seat of Seeing
Southern Lands
The plains of Mordor
Region of Gondor with rabbits, but no 'taters
Where Círdan the Shipwright rules
Treebeard's Forest
Big People and Little People, living together
The Great Sea
Western-most mountain chain, in the Third Age
Port or Harbor south of Gondor
The Last Homely House west of the Mountains
The site of the Battle of Dagorlad, where many Men, Elves, and Orcs perished
During the First Age, many Elven kingdoms existed in this land

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