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Forced Order
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Roughly half of all water on Earth is in the _______ Ocean
How many of his songs did Elvis write or co-write?
Blood makes up about______percent of your body's weight
Superman was created by a _______ (nationality)
At any given time, the Great White shark is packing about ____ teeth.
Tonsurphobia is the fear of _______
The first paper money in the U.S. was issued in ____
The only Great Lake Michigan does not boarder on is ______
At the North Pole, the sun stays below the horizon ___ days a year.
_____ is the only nation without a rectangular flag.
A Canadian quarter carries the image of a _____.
Oenophobia is the fear of ____.
There are as many Italians in _____, then in Venice.
Johnson & Johnson began marketing the Band-Aid in ___.
The age of the world's oldest crow is ___.
There are three words in the English language that end with -ceed, _____
Jimi Hendrix was __ when he died.
Jamie Foxx's birth name was ______.
Charlie Brown's father was a _____. (occupation)
Karaoke means ________ in Japanese.

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