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What state does Breaking Bad take place in?
What subject does Walt teach?
What is Walt Jr.'s favorite meal of the day?
How old is Walt when he is diagnosed with cancer?
What type of cancer is it?
What is Marie's favorite color?
What agency does Hank work for?
Who is Jesse's first partner in the meth business?
What kind of RV do Walt and Jesse cook in?
What company did Walt help co-found?
What does Krazy-8 try to kill Walt with?
What does Walt kill Krazy-8 with?
What is Walt's pseudonym?
What is Jesse's pseudonym?
What is Jesse's special ingredient?
What do Walt and Jesse dissolve Krazy-8 and Emilio in?
What chemical does Walt use as an explosive in Tuco's headquarters?
What does Skyler do to relieve stress even though she's pregnant?
What does Spooge steal from a convenience store?
Who is Walt's lawyer?
What drug does Jane introduce to Jesse?
How much money does Walt need?
How many people die in the plane crash?
After Tuco, who employs Walt in the meth business?
Who is Walt's second assistant who Jesse later kills?
Who does Skyler sleep with?
Who owns the car wash that Walt and Skyler later buy?
What country is Bogdan from?
Who does Tuco beat to death in the junkyard?
How much money does Gus offer Walt to cook for 3 months?
Who is Jesse's second girlfriend?
Who does Gus kill in the super lab?
What weapon does he use?
What does Hank collect when he is going through therapy?
What restaurant chain does Gus own?
Who kills Gus?
Who is Hank's partner?
When Mike is guarding the Pollos truck, where is he shot?
How many barrels of money does Walt have?
Where does he hide the barrels?
What kind of gun does Walt purchase illegally?
What disease does Walt Jr. have?
What state is Walt relocated to at the end of the 5th season?
Who is the author of the poem in Gale's notebook?
What song does Gale sing in his music video?
What does Walt spend Bogdan's first dollar on?
What is Walt Jr.'s first alcoholic drink?
What is the name of the kid that Todd shoots?
What kind of car does Walt drive?
Where do Skyler and Walt say all the extra money is from?
What does Walt give Jesse to kill Gus with?
What is the name of the cartel boss to whom Gus first pitches his meth trade proposal?
What is the name of the episode in which Gus dies?
What is Brock poisoned with, leading to his hospitalization?
What does Walt say to Skyler after she hears about the nursing home explosion on the news?
Through what company do Walt and Jesse continue cooking meth after Gus's death?
What is Jack's relationship to Todd?
What country does Lydia send Walt's meth to?
What does Jane do for a living?
What is the name of Andrea's little brother?
Who does he kill?
What did Walt write on Jesse's failed chemistry exam?
What do Walt and Jesse use to destroy Gus's laptop?
On what animal is Tortuga's severed head placed on?
What is written on that animal?
What do the twins purchase from the gun dealer?
How much money was Chris Mara offered for each hit on Lydia's list?
How much money is he offered for Mike?
What game does Mike play with his granddaughter?
What drink does Gale try to perfect?
Who owned Jesse's house before him?
What instrument does Jesse's brother play?
What does Walt say is the purpose of his dealings with Jesse to Skyler after she first finds out about him?
What is Walt Jr.'s nickname?
What is Walt Jr.'s best friend's name?
What animal does the boy on the dirt bike pick up in the desert?
What is the nickname of the Crossroads Motel?
What is the name of the woman frequently shown working there?
What does Marie give Skyler for the baby shower?
What kind of business is Gus's superlab underneath?
What is the name of Jack's right hand man?
What is the name of the website Walt Jr. sets up for donations?
What kind of business does Saul first purchase to launder Walt's money?
What college did Walt go to?
How much does Walt sell his green car for?
What store does Saul picture himself managing in his new life?
Where is he being sent for this new life?
Who is the only known vegan on the show?
Who helps Walt cook when Jesse is off with Mike?
How does Hector communicate?
In what city was Mike formerly a police officer?
What high school does Walt Jr. go to?
When Skyler flips the quarter at the four corners, what state does it land in?
What is the name of Gus's friend killed by the cartel in 1989?
Who created and directed the Breaking Bad series?
What is the name of the Whites' neighbor?
What kind of car does Skyler get Walt Jr. for his birthday?
When is Walt's birthday?
After Walt is relocated, what is his new last name?
'Huell, you happy?'
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