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Homer's exclamation
10 in hexadecimal
First word of a letter
Stereotypical Canadien interjection
Chemical symbol for iron
Can follow voice-, chain-, or e-
What Bambi was
2004 documentary of musician Charles
An indefinite article
What Skrillex does to the bass
Fourth most common English word
Element with atomic number 79
– ·
Jacob to Isaac or Joseph to Jacob
A player's avatar on the Wii
You, to Shakespeare
Eminem's is Slim Shady
Square root of -1
What you better do to Saul Goodman
Sightless triplet of rhyme
One of Santa's helpers
Governing body of English soccer
'To', in Spanish
Most populated U.S. island
Crave or desire
Half of Miss Tuffet's snack
What Bruce Springsteen was born to do
'Sun' in Spanish
Fonzie's exclamation
Where the patella is
Blunt, or uninteresting
What you do in tug-of-war
Gerunds end with these three letters
A group of posts on an Internet forum
Half of a Teletubby
Lowest passing grade in Harry Potter
Samsung Galaxy smartphone
You, in Latin
Letter that indicates the center point of a circle
To join or fasten by making stitches
Last name of Clubber Lang and B.A. Baracus actor
The first letter
Coke, Coors, or chardonnay
Counterpart to length and height
A roller derby game
What an ampersand means
Untoasted toast
Most common conjunction
First word of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis sitcom
Carries or delivers to a place
Letters that precede Weekly, Bank, or Airways
Where the spine is
Number of each animal of Noah's ark
First note of Solfège scale

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