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HintClueExtra Clue
Annabeth wrecks his flying chariot Son of Apollo
Hunter of ArtemisDaughter of Zeus
Counsiler of Cabin 9 at the start of the bookSon of Hephaestus
Minor antagonistGolden touch
Falls asleep ALOTSon of Hypnos
Title characterSon of Jupiter
Has a rainbow tatooSon of Iris
Captured by EnceladusOnly mortal parent of the trio who is not dead
Antagonistgoddess of snow
Title character of Heros of Olympus: Book 2Son of Poseidon
Immune to everthing BUT silverWerewolf
Head appears in Demigod FilesFire-breathing metal dragon
Wears a bandanna Daughter of Hephaestus
Major antagonistThe anti-Athena
Piper's rivalDaughter of Aphrodite
HintClueExtra Clue
Becomes a movie star's assisstant Friendly Aura
Main antagonistCurrent status: asleep
Is a SatyrWrites a letter to Grover in the Last Olympian
Supposed to be on the quest in The Titans CurseHunter of Artemis
God of the skyJason's dad
Stole Jason's memoriesgoddess of family. Wife of Zeus
A fire userSon of Hephaestus
goddess of beauty.Piper's mom.
Tests Roman half-bloods at the Wolf HouseLarge wolf
god of the forge.Leo's dad.
Major antagonistThe anti-Zeus
Fights with a knifeDaughter of Athena
Most powerful half-blood charmspeakerDaughter of Aphrodite
Minor antagonistVentus
Camp activites directorCentaur

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