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Jerry's parents, and Newman, were aghast when the found out Jerry made out at this movie.
Frank Costanza used this move to touch his dates' breasts.
Jerry had had this book checked out of the library since 1971.
Elaine championed this disastrous product at J. Peterman.
Jerry claimed to have this condition when caught urinating in a parking garage.
Jerry kept this liquor around.
Frank Costanza had to see the real 'ASSMAN' when he became impaled on this piece of art by Kramer, which also replaced Jerry's Superman when he and Kramer switched apartments.
Kramer dropped one of these into Elaine's formerly fat artist ex-boyfriend's open splenectomy.
Jerry judged Elaine's boyfriend David Puddy for overusing this gesture.
Elaine described this person as 'a tall, lanky doofus with a bird face and hair like the Bride of Frankenstein.'
George bought a used LeBaron because the dealer told him this person, who later bit Kramer's hand, was the previous owner.
Crazy Joe Davola, dressed as a clown, infiltrated this opera to put a 'kibosh' on Jerry.
This person, or a look-alike with a British accent, double-parked the group at a liquor store.
George would have preferred to bring this to a dinner party.
After finding it in a dumpster, Kramer set up the old set from this tv show in his apartment.
Jerry ruined George's girlfriend's piano recital by making Elaine laugh hysterically when he placed this on her leg.
Dr. Tim Whatley, who converted to Judaism just for the jokes, was found out re-gifting this item Elaine bought him.
Elaine volunteered to help an elderly woman who is revealed to have had a relationship with this person.
George described this person as having 'a wall of hair and a face like a frying pan.'
George Steinbrenner testified as a character witness against George based on his belief that George was this.
Kramer described this person as having 'a big head and flared nostrils.'
Jerry and Elaine didn't say hello when they saw Frank Constanza out in public with a man wearing this article of clothing.
George received a meal on the house when his boss was mistaken by a waiter for this person.
Elaine's bra-less nemesis Sue Ellen Mischke is the heiress to this fortune.
Elaine dated a man with a house in Tuscany who preferred to be called this.
Kramer almost joined this religion for a woman.
In lieu of Christmas gifts, George donated in his co-workers' names to this fake charity.
Jerry's jacket with this novel feature was ruined when Elaine's father insisted on walking five blocks in the rain to a Pakistani restaurant.
Jerry thought this baked good could bring harmony to race relations.
Frank Costanza and George's arch-nemesis Lloyd Braun relied on this ultimately counterproductive method of stress relief.
Newman claimed this was the busiest mail day of the year.
The maƮtre d' at a Chinese restaurant egregiously mispronounced George's last name thusly.
A friend of Elaine's in whom Jerry had romantic interest thought he was a racist when he showed up at Elaine's apartment with this gift.
Elaine claimed this is Indian for Jerry when she was drunk.
Jerry used this term to describe the smell left in his car by a valet.
Jerry referenced this pseudonym of George's incredulously when George revealed that he'd always wanted to be a history buff.
Kramer got this single line in a Woody Allen movie.
Elaine tactfully used this word to describe a very ugly baby.
Elaine controversially stopped off for some of these on her way to the hospital after her boyfriend was in a car accident.
When he failed to distract his girlfriend, George shouts this as a warning to Jerry as he's attempting to erase her answering machine in the other room.
George used this as his PIN because a date once threw it on him.
Jerry shouted this when his girlfriend's father left something unexpected on his sofa.
Outside of Lorenzo's, Kramer saved himself from trouble with this street gang when he accidentally flashed their 8-finger symbol.
George wanted to give this name to his son before it was 'stolen' by Susan's cousin.
George impersonates a Neo-Nazi with this name to get a limo ride to Madison Square Garden.
Kenny Bania wanted Jerry to buy him another dinner because he doesn't consider this a meal.
This person was described as looking like 'Humpty Dumpty with a melon head.'
When Kramer was banned from a grocery store for trying to return an unsatisfactory peach, he sent Jerry in his stead to pick up this other fruit.
Jerry claimed he hated anyone who grew up with one of these.
This was the surname of the library cop.
The head of NBC joined this organization after Elaine rejected him.
This person claimed to have learned to climb trees in the Pacific Northwest 'like a lemur.'
This was Kramer's doctor alter-ego.
This was the name of the condo community Jerry's parents lived in in Florida.
It caught on when Mr. Pitt ate this candy bar with a fork and knife.
Elaine wrote a spec script for this show, which Kramer later appeared on as Stephen Snell.
This was the nickname given to George by his gym teacher in high school.
George's date praised this food more highly than George's skill in bed.
George was using this as masturbatory material when his mother walked in on him.
George carried this animal in a sling around his neck after he ran it over.
Jerry wouldn't date a woman who he found out had previously dated this person.
Kramer got this actress's number while standing in line at a movie theater.
This was the name of the man at the health club who referred to himself in the third person.
Elaine shouted this when she was on too many muscle relaxers and she meets Jerry's aunt.
Kramer participated in this activity at a child's level.
Elaine had a boyfriend obsessed with this Eagles song.
Jerry broke a bottle of barbeque sauce when he was forced to put his carry-on in the overhead compartment to accomodate this item from one of Susan's friends he was erroneously tol
Jerry said this percent of the population is unattractive and mates exclusively through alcohol.
Elaine dated a saxophonist in the hopes that he'd be good at this.
Jerry owned this person's cufflinks from the movie Cinderfella.
Kramer claimed to see this person at Dinky Donuts.
This was the planned name for Newman's millennium party that he'd been planning since 1978 and booked Christopher Cross for.
Susan's father was revealed to have had an affair with this person.
George did this every time he defecates.
Elaine was carrying this in the parking garage.
Jerry was worried that Tim Whatley sexually assaulted him while knocked out because his clothes were not on the same and Whatley's dentist's office had this designation.
Kramer got beat up while running for not wearing this.
This was the main topic of Kenny Bania's comedy routines.
Kramer constantly referenced questionable information from this never-seen friend who provided a bag of defective condoms and spoke in a high voice from a botched hernia operation.
David Puddy and J. Peterman were fans of this cartoon character; it was even on Puddy's sheets.
Kramer put this in a washing machine to get revenge on a laundromat owner he thought had stolen from Jerry.
Jerry took a lie detector test to prove he didn't watch this show (which he did watch).
This was the name given to Kramer's sex appeal.
This was Jerry's PIN.
Tim Whatley accused Jerry of being one of these.
Kramer accidentally burned this nation's flag at their parade.
Mr. Lippman and his son couldn't resist Elaine because of this.
Mr. Pitt held down this balloon in a parade to disastrous results.
Kramer got his arm stuck in a subway door in an attempt to quickly get one of these.
Kramer dated a coffee shop cashier because she was good at this.
Jerry and Kramer switched apartments when the sign from this establishment was keeping Kramer up at night.
Kramer started going commando because he believed it would increase this.
George sullied this person's Yankees uniform by wiping food all over it.
George went to great lengths to avoid reading this book while appearing that he had.
Jerry claimed not to have done this for 13 years.
George was forced to purchase a book because he'd done this with it.
This spills out of Elaine's purse across the floor of a party.
Kramer had a seizure every time he saw this person on TV.
George said make-up sex was second only to this.
Uncle Leo would't stop talking about Jerry's cousin Jeffrey's employment with this organization.

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