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Who has the record for most beers drank on a plane?
To Dennis, the girl he bangs on the plane is ____ trash which he mistakes for ____ trash
What does Charlie eat on the plane?
How did Mac become the commissioner?
How many beers does Charlie and Dee drink?
Why does the Boggs group get cut off?
What is the name of man whose seat is next to Dennis'?
How many beers are they allowed to order at once?
Frank is trying to become the first member of the ______?
How many extra beers does Mac have in his checked bag?
How many holes did Dennis squeak it through?
What kind of farm does the family of the girl Dennis bangs have?
What 4 things do people tell Frank he can't do?
What does Dee take a ride on?
What is Charlie's batting percentage?
Frank can't remember this person's name.
What does Frank say to 'deflect' the fact he doesn't know the plan?
The coolest.
What did Frank forget at his apartment?
Who got in a car crash when Frank was texting and driving?
What kind of meat do those people eat?
What does Frank say 'in his head' when he sees those Winnebagos?
Who does Pondy want to come out to play?
Who gets in the front seat when Frank steals the car from the impound lot?
How old did she look to him?
What kind of bra are the old tits in?

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