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Conquered Mesopotamia, founded Akkadian Empire2334-2279 BC
Conquered Mesopotamia, founded Babylonian EmpireDied c. 1750 BC
Conquered 350 cities from Nubia to Syria1479–1425 BC
Conquered Phoenicia & Egypt for Assyrian EmpireDied 669 BC
Conquered Middle East, founded Persian EmpireDied 530 BC
Conquered the Persian Empire356-323 BC
Conquered India, founded Mauryan Empire340-298 BC
Conquered and unified China259-210 BC
Conquered Gaul, won Roman civil war100-44 BC
Conquered Roman Empire and Egypt63 BC-14 AD
Conquered Dacia & Mesopotamia53-117 AD
Conquered Persia, founded Sassanid Empire180-242 AD
Reconquered Britain, Gaul, Syria & Egypt for Roman Empire215-275 AD
Conquered much of India, consolidated Gupta Empire335-375 AD
Conquered much of Central Europe, raided Roman Empire406-453 AD
Conquered Gaul, founded Frankish Empire466-511 AD
Conquered Italy, Spain and Dalmatia454-526 AD
Reconquered Carthage & Italy for Byzantine Empire500-565 AD
Conquered Mesopotamia & Persia for Caliphate592-642 AD
Conquered China, co-founded Tang Empire598-649 AD
Conquered Egypt for Caliphate592-664 AD
Conquered most of Western Europe742-814 AD
Reconquered Bulgaria & Anatolia for Byzantium958-1025 AD
Conquered Eastern Persia & Northern India971-1030 AD
Conquered Persia, founded Seljuq Empire990-1063 AD
Conquered Armenia, Georgia, Anatolia & Syria1029-1072 AD
Conquered Southern Italy & Sicily1015-1085 AD
Conquered England1028-1087 AD
Conquered Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia & Arabia1138-1193 AD
Conquered most of Central Asia, founded Mongol Empire1162-1227 AD
Conquered vast lands for Mongol Empire1175-1248 AD
Conquered much of West Africa, founded Mali EmpireDied 1255
Conquered most of China1215-1294 AD
Conquered China, founded Ming dynasty1328-1398 AD
Conquered Persia & Central Asia, sacked Delhi1336-1405 AD
Conquered much of Mexico, expanded Aztec Empire1398-1469 AD
Conquered Constantinople, Balkan & Anatolian lands1432-1481 AD
Conquered much of Russia1440-1505 AD
Conquered most of Middle East from Mamluks1465-1520 AD
Conquered Northern India, founded Mughal Empire1483-1530 AD
Conquered Inca Empire for Spain1471-1541 AD
Conquered Aztec Empire for Spain1485-1547 AD
Conquered Hungary, Iraq & North Africa1494-1566 AD
Conquered most of India1542-1605 AD
Conquered and unified Japan1537-1598 AD
Conquered Northern China, founded Qing Empire1559-1626 AD
Conquered Persia, raided Mughal Empire1688-1747 AD
Conquered Belarus, Ukraine and vast Siberian lands1729-1796 AD
Conquered most of Europe1769-1821 AD
Conquered much of Southern Africa1787-1828 AD
Conquered most of Europe1889-1945 AD
Conquered China1893-1976 AD

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