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QUIZ: Can you name the Rulers in 1397?

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King of the Romans1378-1400
King of England1377-1399
King of Scotland1390-1406
King of France1380-1422
Queen of Denmark1375-1412
Queen of Norway1388-1412
Queen of Sweden1389-1412
King of Castile1390-1406
King of Aragon1396-1410
King of Portugal1385-1433
King of Naples1389-1399
King of Hungary and Croatia1387-1437
King of Poland1386-1434
Grand Duke of Lithuania1377-1434
Grand Prince of Moscow1389-1425
Emperor of Byzantium1391-1425
Ottoman Sultan1389-1402
Great Khan of the Timurid Empire1370-1405
Emperor of China1368-1398
Shogun of Japan1394-1423

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