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DescriptionNameTitles and year of death
He overthrew the last Roman king, founded the Roman Republic, and was one of the two first consuls. He was killed during his consulship in 509 BC.
He saved the Roman army when he held a bridge against the Etruscans, giving his countrymen time to destroy the bridge behind him. He managed to swim to shore after the bridge was destroyed, but was disabled for the rest of his life.
He tried to kill the Etruscan king Lars Porsenna during his siege of Rome, but was captured. Brought before the king, he thrust his hand into the flames with no show of pain.He was freed because of his courage, and got a cognomen meaning left-handed, because his right hand was maimed.
He was twice chosen as dictator to save Rome in times of emergency, and both times resigned his power as soon as possible. George Washington was later compared to him.He was consul in 460 BC, dictator briefly in 458 and again in 439, dying in 438.
He was known as the 'Second Founder of Rome' since he saved Rome from the Gauls in 387 BC. He served six times as consul, five times as dictator, and celebrated four triumphs before he died in 365 BC.
During the First Samnite War he became the only man ever to win two Grass Crowns (for saving an entire army.) He was consul in 340 BC, when he was killed at the Battle of Vesuvius.
He got his cognomen after defeating a giant Gaul warrior in single combat during the Latin War in 340 BC he had his own son executed for leaving his post during a battle.He was both consul and dictator three times.
He built the famous road between Rome and Capua, and also Rome's first aqueduct. He served as consul twice and as dictator twice, and died in 273 BC.
He fought a giant gaul in single combat, and won when a raven flew in his enemy's face. He was consul six times and dictator twice.
He defeated Hasdrubal at Panormus during the First Punic War, and captured 120 elephants. He lost his sight when he saved the Palladium of Rome from a fire in the Temple of Vesta.He was consul twice and dictator once, as well as Pontifex Maxmius. He died in 221 BC.
One of only three men to ever win the Spolia Opima, for killing an enemy general in single combat. He also conquered Syracuse, where the great inventor Archimedes was killed.He was consul five times, and was killed in battle against Hannibal in 208 BC.
He got his agnomen for his famous strategy of avoiding battles in the war against Hannibal.He was consul five times, dictator twice, censor once, and died in 203 BC.
He won the Second Punic War for Rome through a string of victories in Spain, and by defeating the great Hannibal at Zama. He was consul twice, and died in 183 BC.
He defeated king Perseus at Pydna and conquered Macedonia.He was consul twice and censor from 164 BC until his death in 160 BC.
When Anthiochus IV invaded Egypt in 168 BC, this Roman envoy drew a line in the sand around the king, implying that if he crossed it there would be war with Rome.He was consul twice.
He is most famous for his catchphrase 'Furthermore, I think Carthage must be destroyed.'He held all the offices of the Cursus Honorum, including consul and censor, before he died in 149 BC.
DescriptionNameTitles and year of death
He won a Mural Crown as the first to scale the walls of Carthage in 146 BC. As plebeian tribune he proposed revolutionary reforms of the agrarian laws.He was murdered along with many of his supporters in 133 BC.
He won the Third Punic War, and destroyed the city of Carthage. He was consul twice, as well as censor. He was found dead under mysterious circumstances in 129 BC.
After the murder of his older brother, he also became plebeian tribune, and attempted even more extensive reforms of the agrarian laws.He was arrested and killed in 121 BC, along with many of his supporters.
He was a plebeian tribune who proposed to give Roman citizenship to all Italians.He was murdered in 91 BC, and Rome's Italian allies revolted, starting the Social War.
He was one of Rome's greatest generals, and led the victorious wars against Jugurtha as well as the Cimbri and the Teutones.He was consul seven times, including an unprecedented five years in a row. He died as consul in 86 BC.
He led the first Roman army to enter Rome. He captured Jugurtha, defeated Mithridates, and made himself dictator.He was consul twice and dictator once, and won the Grass Crown. He died in 78 BC.
He led the Third Mithridatic War, but was recalled because of mutiny. His name has become synonymous with luxury.He was consul once, and died in 56 BC.
The richest man in Rome, who defeated Spartacus. Member of the First Triumvirate.He was consul twice, and died at the Battle of Carrhae in 53 BC.
He was a famous general and member of the First Triumvirate, who lost the civil war against another triumvir.He was consul four times, and was killed in Egypt in 48 BC.
He was a famously stubborn, staunch defender of the status quo, and an opponent of the First Triumvirate.He stabbed himself to death after the Battle of Thapsus in 46 BC.
He was one of the most famous men in history, part of the First Triumvirate, conqueror of Gaul, and the victor of the civil war against his old ally.He was consul five times, dictator four times and Pontifex Maximus. He was murdered in the Senate on March 15, 44 BC.
He was one of Rome's greatest lawyers and orators, famous for his many great speeches and letters, and for uncovering the Catiline conspiracy.He was consul once, and was executed in 43 BC by the First Triumvirate.
He was a rich and respected man, and the most notable of the men who assassinated his old friend and mentor, the Dictator of Rome in 44 BC.He killed himself after being defeated at Philippi in 42 BC.
He fought in the Gallic Wars, and became Master of the Horse after the civil war. He was a member of the Second Triumvirate, and lover of the queen of Egypt.He was consul twice, and killed himself in Egypt in 30 BC after the Battle of Actium.
He was the friend, general and son-in-law of the first Emperor, winner of the Battle of Actium.He was consul twice, and died in 12 BC.
He was a member of the Second Triumvirate, won the civil war, and ruled for more than 40 years as the first Emperor of Rome.He was consul five times and Pontifex Maximus, and died in 14 AD.

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