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850-866Beni Alfons Dynasty
866-910 (also king of Galicia and Asturias)Beni Alfons Dynasty
910-914Beni Alfons Dynasty
914-924 (king of Galicia from 910)Beni Alfons Dynasty
924-925 (king of Asturia from 910)Beni Alfons Dynasty
925-926Beni Alfons Dynasty
926-931Beni Alfons Dynasty
931-950Beni Alfons Dynasty
951-956Beni Alfons Dynasty
956-958Beni Alfons Dynasty
958-960Beni Alfons Dynasty
960-966Beni Alfons Dynasty
966-984Beni Alfons Dynasty
984-999 (king of Galicia from 982)Beni Alfons Dynasty
999-1028Beni Alfons Dynasty
1028-1037Beni Alfons Dynasty
1037-1065 (count of Castile from 1027, Emperor of all Spain from 1056)House of Jiménez
1065-1072House of Jiménez
1072 (king of Castile 1065-1072)House of Jiménez
1072-1109 (also king of Castile and Galicia, and Emperor of all Spain)House of Jiménez
1109-1126 (also queen of Castile and Galicia, and Empress of all Spain)House of Jiménez
1126-1157 (king of Galicia from 1111, also king of Castile and Emperor of all Spain from 1126)House of Burgundy
1157-1188 (also king of Galicia)House of Burgundy
1188-1230 (also king of Galicia)House of Burgundy
1230-1252 (king of Castile from 1217, also king of Galicia)House of Burgundy
1252-1284 (also king of Castile and Galicia, like all the kings after him)House of Burgundy
1284-1295House of Burgundy
1296-1300House of Burgundy
1300-1312House of Burgundy
1312-1350House of Burgundy
1350-1369House of Burgundy
1369-1379House of Trastámara
1379-1390House of Trastámara
1390-1406House of Trastámara
1406-1454House of Trastámara
1454-1474House of Trastámara
1474-1504House of Trastámara
1504-1555House of Trastámara
1516-1556 (First king of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor)House of Habsburg

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