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1035-1063House of Aragon
1063-1094 (also King of Navarre from 1076)House of Aragon
1094-1104 (also King of Navarre)House of Aragon
1104-1134 (also King of Navarre)House of Aragon
1134-1137House of Aragon
1137-1162House of Aragon
1162-1196House of Aragon
1196-1213House of Aragon
1213-1276House of Aragon
1276-1285 (also King of Sicily from 1282)House of Aragon
1285-1291House of Aragon
1291-1327 (also King of Sicily 1285-1296, King of Sardinia and Corsica from 1323)House of Aragon
1327-1336 (also King of Sardinia and Corsica)House of Aragon
1336-1387 (also King of Sardinia and Corsica,, King of Majorca from 1344)House of Aragon
1387-1396House of Aragon
1396-1410 (also King of Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily from 1409)House of Aragon
1410-1416 (also King of Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily)House of Trastámara
1416-1458 (also King of Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily, and Naples from 1442)House of Trastámara
1458-1476 (King of Navarre from 1425)House of Trastámara
1476-1516 (also King of Sardinia, Sicily, Naples and Navarre)House of Trastámara
1516-1555 (also Queen of Castile, Sardinia, Sicily, Naples)House of Trastámara
1516-1556 (First King of Spain, also Holy Roman Emperor)House of Habsburg

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