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Can you name the Kings of the Barbarian tribes around the fall of the Roman Empire?

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Title and reignNameDeeds
King of the Alamanni c. 350-357Captured at the Battle of Argentoratum in 357 by Emperor Julian
King of the VisigothsKilled Emperor Valens at Adrianople in 378
King of the Visigoths 395-410Sacked Rome in 410
King of the Burgundians c.410-437Killed by the Huns
Khan of the Huns 434-453'The Scourge of God'
Kings of the Anglo-SaxonsTwin brothers, invited to Britain by Vortigern c. 447
King of the Gepids -c. 460Rebelled against the Huns in 454
King of the Vandals 428-477Captured Carthage in 439, sacked Rome in 455
Title and reignNameDeeds
King of the Visigoths 466-484The last great King of the Visigoths
King of Italy 476-493Deposed the last Western Emperor
King of the Salian Franks 481-511Became King of all the Franks in 509
King of the Ostrogoths 471-526Ruled Spain, Italy, Southern Gaul and Dalmatia at his peak
King of the Vandals 530-534Defeated by Belisarius
King of the Ostrogoths 541-552Sacked Rome in 546, defeated by Belisarius and killed by Narses
King of the Lombards c.560-572Conquered northern Italy
Khagan of the Avars 562-602Conquered Pannonia

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