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I can't wait, __________. Chantel
I just didn't find it very easy to laugh about someone eating a ______ ______ _____. Jennifer
Well, now Old ______ is on top of you!Senorita Rodriguez
I thought you said you wouldn't ______ ___!Cory
My love is like a ________. It keeps coming backStanley
Raven: Where did you steal them? Bianca: 'No, ___ ____ _____ ____ ____.'Bianca
Ya ________!Raven
_____ ______....Gotta go!Raven
Dad, this part of my morning routine. Take a bath, brush my teeth, fight with Corey,...Raven
Put the pies down! You got to ______ __ ___ _______ ____ ____ ____ ___ ____ _____ ______!Raven
A dash of....._______!Mrs. Patterson
He wasn't born yet. That's why...Raven
You keep goin', you gon be out _____ ___ ___ _____. Raven
Its a big one. It can off an arm or even a leg. Ya never know. When your dealing with-...Raven
Do you realize how harmful that ___ ___ is?Jennifer
The three blind mice! Hey, that's really not fair. Chelsea
________ meadow. Victor
But, ya know, sometimes you gotta take the high road and forgive_______. I mean, yous knows who's fors yous-knows-whats.Raven
Yeah, and I was partying with _______ last night. Bianca
Well, my ______ is like a _______. It will keep swinging!Raven
You don't expect......Raven
Oh, _____!Raven
I said, 'Shneaky shnorman shnealer.' It means please don't hurt me in _____________'Raven
My ---- is gonna slip!Raven
Raven: There is nothing that you can say that's gonna get to me. Muffy: Umm hmm, my shoes are better than yours.' Raven: '_______ ____ ______!'Raven
Raven: What is that smell? Chelsea: That would be ____ ____. Chelsea
Well, let's see. You have three options. Either you do it, you do it, or _____ ____ ____Loca
She's in the kitchen...Raven
Did it involve me and ______ _____? Eddie
____ Jovi, ya'll Eddie
Cory? CORY! YOU BETTER ___ ____ ___ _____!Raven
Take a shower. Every day at exactly 6:03 I take a shower for exactly five and a half minutes....Mrs. Patterson
Sydney: ' I know you're dyin' up there!' Raven: So? I got some food. _____ ____ ____!Raven
You had to live on the biggest ____ in San _________Ronda
Chelsea: Rae, how come we don't have any cute little nicknames? Raven: Ok....____________.Raven
You dirty little ______!Raven
You was about to be Porka ________. Eddie

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