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Can you name the Breaking Bad Characters By TV Tropes?

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Disabled Snarker, Big Ol' Eyebrows, Trademark Favorite Food
Troubled but Cute, Trauma Congo Line, This is For Emphasis, Bitch!
Politically Incorrect Hero, Shell-Shocked Veteran, It Was You All Along
Perky Goth, The Lost Lenore, Off the Wagon
A**hole Victim, Upper-Class Twit, White Collar Crime
The Speechless, Retired Monster, Suicide Attack
Lack of Empathy, Blonde Guys Are Evil, Would Hurt a Child
Get Out, Mama Bear, Cigarette of Anxiety
Consummate Professional, The Quiet One, Face Death with Dignity
Ax-Crazy, Starter Villain, Real Men Cook
Sticky Fingers, Motor Mouth, Color-Coded for Your Convenience
Knows a Guy Who Knows a Guy, Plucky Comic Relief, You Have to Have Jews
Manipulative Bastard, Villain Protagonist, Nice Hat
Badass Grandpa, Lawman Gone Bad, The Stoic
Dirty Coward, Nervous Wreck, Definitely Just a Cold
Adorkable, Harmless Villain, Too Good for this Sinful Earth

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