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What do you know about Killing Floor?

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What is the Patriarch's real name?
Who is the Clot based off?
Who is the Stalker based off?
Who is the Siren based off?
Where did the outbreak start?
What are the Specimens mostly called?
What is the company that made the Specimens?
What perk uses Assault Rifles?
What perk uses Melee weapons?
What perk aims for headshots?
What perk uses pyrotechnics.
What perk heals teammates?
What perk can repair doors?
What perk likes to go boom?
What Killing Floor had a story when it released?
What Specimen has the most health that is not a boss?
What perk uses SMG's in the second installment?
What perk dual wields weapons?
What perk can use any weapon?
What specimen has a chainsaw?
What Specimen is based off the Gorefast and was the most recent to be added?
Commando starting weapon?
Berserker starting weapon?
Demolitions starting weapon?
Support starting weapon?
SWAT starting weapon?
Field Medic starting weapon?
Gunslinger starter weapon(s)?
Sharpshooter starting weapon?
Firebug starter weapon?
How many perk levels are in KF2 per perk?
How many perk levels are in KF1 per perk?
Who is the Nazi Scientist from the second installment?
What character wears a gas mask?
Who is the constable from Killing Floor?
Who is the soldier?
What character from Team Fortress 2 made a cameo in the first installment?
What is the name of the map in Paris?
What map takes place on an island?
What map has been remastered since the mod?

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