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During what battle did Lee Fletcher die?
Name one of three heads of the Apollo cabin.
Who is Jake Mason's godly parent?
Who is the only unaccompanied mortal to have set foot in Camp Half-Blood?
Who is the only other named member of the Athena cabin besides Annabeth?
Who dies: Pollux or Castor?
Which camper is described as looking like a 'baby cow'?
Who is older: Connor or Travis?
How many pomegranate seeds had Nico eaten when Percy first saw him in his dream?
Who changes the tide of the Battle of Manhattan?
Name one member of the Council of Cloven Elders.
Name the two honorary members of the Council of Cloven Elders.
Where does Pan die?
Who puts all of Manhattan to sleep?
Where was Kampe defeated?
Who says Nico di Angelo is the most miserable person she's ever met?
What was Bob's title when he ruled as a Titan?
How many hundred-handed brothers did Briares have?
What kind of monsters does Percy play dodgeball against?
There are two large pigs that show up in PJO. Name one.
Name one of three known pegasi at Camp besides Blackjack.
Name one of the two books in which Helen of Troy is mentioned.
Which Fury was known as a 'lawyer' to Nico and Bianca?
Who was the last president of the United States that Bianca could remember?
Which WWII figure is a child of Hades?
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Stygian iron swords can kill...?
Is Jason near-sighted or far-sighted?
What is one of the first questions Nico asks Percy upon learning he is a demigod?
What Latin phrase does Percy (inexplicably) yell in TLT?
How old is Percy turning when Nico comes to his birthday party?
What are Annabeth's twin brothers' names?
What does Dr. Chase lend the quest-goers to help them find Annabeth?
What did Sally Jackson want to study at college?
Which river in the Underworld is the 'River of Lamentation'?
Who received the Mural Crown in Son of Neptune?
What state is the junkyard of the Gods located in?
Which former enemies of Percy ended up in Elysium?
Which mortal led the Laistrygonian giants against Percy in dodgeball?
Name one of the schools Percy Jackson attended during the first series.
After attacking one of the arai, Annabeth thinks Percy has abandoned her. Whose curse is the reason she feels this way?
Give one of the names of the two Angel Statues at the Hoover Dam.
Name the water-based amusement park Percy&co. go to in The Lightning Thief.
In what museum does Percy fight the Nemean lion?
What is the title of the first chapter of The Lightning Thief?
In the Sea of Monsters, what state is Annabeth, Thalia, and Luke's old safe house located in?
In the prophecy from The Battle of the Labyrinth, which characters does 'the dead, the traitor, and the lost one raise' refer to (in order)?
Who forged Zeus's Master Bolt?
Who first abolished 'Aphrodite's Rite of Passage'?
What did the Ares Cabin write on Percy's burial shroud in The Lightning Thief?
What is the name of the only boat in Camp Jupiter's navy?

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