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What was the name of the group of Chicago police officers who tortured and abused citizens in the 1970s and 1980s?
In which state was a McDonalds sued because of racism towards employees and customers?
Which NBA team owner was heard making racial remarks on tape and later banned from the NBA?
Which state was the 1st to legalize same sex marriage?
What year was same sex marriage legalized in the United States?
Where in the United States are men and women payed most equally?
Where was a dog shot by a police officer responding to a domestic violence call?
This 17 year old was shot (and killed) by neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman
What is the name of the fraternity who's racist video surfaced the web of the members chanting racial slurs?
What was the punishment for the two fraternity members leading the racist chants?
Which Arizona cardinals player retired due to racist treatment?
What college was the racist fraternity video taken at?
What was declared on the city of Baltimore on April 27th during the violent protest?
DescriptionEvent or PersonCurrent Event
Which terrorist group threatens America to this day, in hopes to end American military operations in Iraq
This many people were arrested in total during the Baltimore protests...
Who was the leader of the group of Chicago police officers who tortured and abused citizens in the 1970s and 1980s?
How much money was given to the victims of the Chicago police brutality victims?
What team's owner was heard making racist remarks and later banned from the NBA?
Who is the franchise owner of the McDonald's that fired 17 back employees because they 'didnt match the profile'?
Under which act is cannabis listed as the highest classification?
On April 15th, 2013, 3 spectators were killed, and 260 were injured, 16 of them losing body limbs, at the 117th annual Boston Marathon. This became known as the...
What was is the last name of brothers responsible of the bombing at the Boston Marathon?
How many times did Dzhokhar hear the word 'guilty' in the courtroom?
This American journalist was murdered by terrorist group, ISIS
Which state was the first to legalize medical marijuana?

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