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Can you name the character from each drama?

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You're Beautiful
(A.N.JELL leader) 
(A.N.JELL pianist) 
(A.N.JELL guitarist) 
(A.N.JELL drummer) 
Nickname is fake fairy 
Boys Before Flowers
Female lead 
F4 leader 
Had a driving phobia 
F4 playboy 
F4 Casanova 
Female leads' best friend 
Dream High
Tends to be stuck up 
From the country 
Was fat but lost the weight 
Transfered from America  
Used to live on the streets 
Was lead female roles best friend in beginning 
Dream High 2
Dreams about becoming a singer 
Hershe visuals 
Leader in Hershe 
Singer in Hershe 
Male idol in movie 
Rocker of Kirin High 
City Hunter
Goes undercover 
Lead female role 
Father of male role 
Has money problems & cooks well 
Stars Falling From the Sky
Lead female role 
Oldest boy of the kids 
Lawyer's brother 
Nephew of the 2 brothers 
Wealthy female that's loves the lawyer 
My Princess
Is a Princess 
He's a chaebol 
Used to date the professor 
Wants to reinstate the monarchy 
The Professor 
Personal Taste
Lead female role 
Pretends to be gay 
Lead Female's Best Friend 
Female that keeps getting in the way 
Playful Kiss
Kicks soda machine in beginning 
Friend of lead role 
Most popular guy 
Friend of lead role 
Secret Garden
Rich CEO 
Singer in the drama 
Stuntwoman's boss 
Suppost to marry the rich CEO but doesn't 
Rooftop Prince
Crown prince of the Joseon dynasty 
Resembles the crown prince's sister-in law 
Helper of the crown prince 

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