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QUIZ: Can you name the cause of action (thing you're being sued for) based on the description?

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DescriptionCause of Action
Interfering with enjoyment of property without actually trespassing on the property
Making a false statement in speech about a person or group that could hurt their reputation
Improperly using or reproducing protected art and literature
Using someone else's property in a way inconsistent with their ownership
Failing to abide by a binding agreement
Intentionally causing contact with another person's body without their consent
Intentionally causing someone to fear imminent harm
Using a famous trademark in a way that would lessen its uniqueness
Firing an employee in violation of their contract or employment law
Making a false statement in print about a person or group that could hurt their reputation
DescriptionCause of Action
Intentionally lying or concealing an important fact for gain or to hurt someone else
Causing the death of another person (remember, this is a quiz on CIVIL, not criminal, causes of action!)
Causing harm by acting in a way a reasonable person wouldn't, or failing to act as a reasonable person would
Intentionally causing someone to be intensely disturbed
Improperly stealing secret information from a business
For a professional, not acting as a rational professional would act or failing to act as a rational professional would act
Manufacturing an unreasonably dangerous object
Unlawfully physically confining someone
Unwelcome behavior or comments relating to a person's sex, or conditioning employment benefits on sexual favors
Willfully swearing a false oath to tell the truth

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