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India’s first prime minister
India’s first president
The longest river originating from India
India’s, and the world’s, most famous mausoleum
First Indian to travel in space
National Motto
Indian state with the largest population
The first IIT
First IIM
Year in which India’s constitution was established
The architect of India’s constitution
India’s highest civilian honour
India’s highest military honour
India’s central bank
Father of the nation
The preamble of the constitution states that India is “sovereign, _____, secular, democratic republic.” Fill the blank.
The head of the state is the ____ of India.
The last British-controlled territory to cede to India
The sport in which India has won 11 Olympic medals, including eight golds.
First Indian captain to win the cricket World Cup
First Indian to win an individual gold medal at the Olympics
India’s largest selling newspaper
The actor with the most Filmfare Awards nominations
The oldest mountain range in India
First Indian to win a Nobel Prize
India’s national animal
India’s national bird
India's most populated city
India's national song

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