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QUIZ: Pretentious Descriptions of Everyday Indian Food

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Organic onion bits, coated with gram flour batter flavoured with the essence of ginger and garlic, deep-fried till golden and served best with a cup of Darjeeling.
Sweet spheres of fried chickpea flavoured with fragrant whole cloves, shelled cardamom and dusted with powdered sugar
Traditional Indian preparation of rice and lentils cooked under pressure in a single dish, seasoned with clarified butter and oil-based pickles.
Pancakes stuffed with the puree of harvested potato or cauliflower, seasoned with salt and essence of mango, to be eaten with free-range yogurt and preserved lemon.
Savoury triangles stuffed with potatoes, lentils, and occasionally meat, encased in wheat flour shell and baked. Served best with coriander or tamarind extracts.
Traditionally cooked spongy steam-cakes of ground rice, served with a stew of lentils and lady fingers cooked in Indian spices with a hint of asafoetida.
Like a doughnut, but made of lentils, crispier on the outside, fluffier on the inside and spicier on the whole. Best enjoyed with a dollop of ground coconut paste, or dunked in spi
Wheat, lentils and meat slow-cooked in a toothsome stew, garnished with savoury onions and lemon juice.
Unleavened bread, flat-rolled and deep-fried into puffy golden balls, served best with hand-picked potato stewed with mild spices.
Foamy-soft semolina steamed with roasted peanuts, tangy curry leaves and slivered green chillies served with a garnish of popped mustard seeds and finely chopped cilantro.
Pancakes of fermented rice flour, typically with a soft centre and lacy fringe, served with tender coconut milk or vintage chicken stew cooked with mild spices.
Crispy rice pancakes cooked on a skillet, folded in with pulped potato, peas and coriander, served with finely-blended coconut meat cooked with mild Indian spices.
Mutton cooked with lentils, vegetables and assorted spices, served with caramelized brown rice.
Moisturized flat-rice sautéed with chopped onions, diced carrots and peas, garnished with crushed coriander and spicy gram flour crispies, and served with a dash of lemon juice.
Hand-crafted fritters stuffed with pulped organic potato or chilly, dipped in a gram flour batter and mild spices, deep-fried golden, best served with a steaming cup of Assam.

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