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the appearence of God to mankind e.g. the burning bush
Jesus had Human Body and a Divine Mind
Advocate, Helper, the Holy Spirit
Strict asceticism to remove earthly sins
blessed, Sermon on the Mount
Hades, Hell
The canticle of Mary, song of conception, Hail Mary
Proclamation, term for Christian Gospels
Straining ahead, Stretching Forward
The study of Jesus as Perfectly human and Perfectly Divine
Imago Dei
God is subsistent to self, only unchangeable object in universe
second step in Meeting God, God shows himself to you
'and the son'
final step in meeting god, You and God converse
the transformation of a believer through the grace of God
Faith, Hope, Charity
Life of prayers, withdrawn from the world
The Pains of Jesus surrounding his crucification, any pains
Human freedoms are compatible with Christan doctrine
life of service, life directed towards others
Representation of God as having human traits
Christ is neither fully human, or Fully God
God has a non dependance on everything, God needs nothing, 'From Himselfness'
first step in process of meeting God, Purification of Self
'One in Being With'
First 5 books of the old testemant, the torah
Three Gods
fuga mundi
'Called out of the world', Study of the Church
The love god feels for Mankind, LOVE
study of the Holy Spirit
Omissa Spe Omnes Qui Ingrediuntur
Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance
an interpretation of scripture, designed to tell true meaning
Jesus is Completly divine, not human
written by St. Augistine, inhabitants love God more than they love themself
Subtraction of Good for Evil
Study of the End
Fire Fire Fire, God of Abraham, God of Isaac
the term for the four letter name for the LORD
Jesus is Subordinate to God, Arianism
Incuruatio in se ipsum
Pursuit of Spiritual Truth
abstract objects are more real than physical ones
Three Persons, one God
Word, Jesus is 'The word made flesh'
'I believe, that i might understand'
Divine Life
take and read
the word made flesh
individual meetings with God, Important Landmarks in Journey of Faith
Jesus is Only Divine
renouncing worldly pleasure leads to higher spiritual life
Satan is coeternal with God, St. Augistine dabbled in this religion
the defense of Christian Doctrine
Made it illegal to persecute Catholics in Early Rome
Father has More power than the Son
looking for god in Nature
The union of the divine and human in Jesus
Natural Life
Mirror Like reflection in Scripture
'someone who has fled the world' a hermit
First Part of Merton's Book
Monastary living that stresses community life
Creatio ex Nihilio
numen locale
let it be done according to your will
exalation to divine honors
early book detailing Christian Practices
Mother of God
'Hear' oh lord, thy god is one god
Name for God
Speaking in Tounges, Gift of the Holy Spirit

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