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Can you name the foods and food brands that begin with TO?

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Crispy hot bread slices
Swiss chocolate brand
Spanish for bacon
Mixture of liquor, hot water & honey
Gooey caramelized sugar
Blocks of coagulated soy milk
Vegetarian turkey alternative
Japanese chili pepper
California sandwich shop chain
Typically drunk by pets in your bathroom
Filipino deep-fried street food
Specific type of chocolate chip cookie
Green Mexican nightshade fruit
Fruit from the nightshade family
'Wild west' brand of frozen pizza
Meat from the cow's mouth
Bitter carbonated soft drink
Pigeon pea soup from India
Chocolatey taffy candy brand
You order 1 or 2 or 3 on your pizza
A multilayered cake with fruit, cream, or jam
Filled ring pasta
Unleavened flat bread
Lettuce and vegetables thrown together
Mexican fried tortilla with toppings
Chip brand sponsoring the Fiesta Bowl
General Mills cereal brand
Brand of frozen pizza and smaller pizza snacks
Small round pieces of beef from a tenderloin

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