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QUIZ: Can you name the words that begin with 'wal'?

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Pond visited by Henry David Thoreau
Christian sect that joined the Reformation
Children's book character you have to find
Salad of celery, apple, nuts and mayonnaise
Portion of the UK
Largest drugstore chain in the US
Aborigone rite of passage
Active fundraiser often done by schools
Pedestrian (noun)
Handheld radio transmitter/receiver
Insect that looks like a piece of wood
Type of home run that ends a game
Washington State penitentiary town
Smaller relative of a kangaroo
Futuristic Pixar robot
Freshwater fish native to Canada and northern US
Shy person fearful of participation in an activity
People inhabiting Belgium and adjacent France
To roll in mud
Used to cover or decorate rooms
Department store based in Arkansas
Nutrient-rich nut that looks like a brain
Marine mammal featuring tusks and whiskers
Ballroom dance in 3/4 time

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