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Can you provide the writers' names and a word that is one letter-shift from their names?

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Huckle Cat likes night time, and showed Richard ___ the ___ sky.
Atticus Finch got some honey from Harper ___'s ___s.
Peter Rabbit put up a tribute to his writer on the wall in the form of a Beatrix ___ ___.
Was Cujo a choir director? He must be, because he can make Stephen ___ ___.
Ragged Dick thought he would 'spruce' up the lawn, getting Horatio ___ an ___ sapling.
Aslan picked up some new blue casual clothes, giving C.S. ___ ___.
Holden Caulfield caused his writer to feign sickness, making J.D. ___ ___.
Dorian Gray thankfully changed ano to año with Oscar ___'s ___.
Boris Godunov put up a poster using Alexander ___'s ___.
Pa Ingalls tried to fix the metalwork by hiring Laura Ingalls ___ a ___.
Oliver Twist's situation is what ___ Charles ___.
Eliza Doolittle saved her writer from freezing, and helped make George Bernard ___ ___.
Robert Langdon's author looked too happy, so he tried to make Dan ___ ___.
Hermione Granger got three strikes and a spare when she took J.K. ___ ___.
Roderick Usher baked something to cheer up his author by taking Edgar Allan ___ ___.
Howard Roark answered the phone when Ayn ___ ___.
Lestat de Lioncourt thought he was faster, so he made Anne ___ ___.
Evangeline St. Clare heated up the room with Harriet Beecher ___'s ___.

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