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Can you name the Groups of People by their 7 habits?

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The 7 Habits of Highly___ People
clues, sleuthing, gum on shoes, informing, investigating, flat feet, snooping
carefulness, defensiveness, jealousy, possessiveness, shielding, vigilance, watchfulness
mirror polishing, pondering, contemplation, pensiveness, duplication, meditation, representation
abnormality, inadequacy, failure, brokenness, flaws, faults, lacking
accusations, blame, tirades, epithets, denunciation, condemnation, berating
emotionality, intuitiveness, viscerality, influence, moodiness, emotional arousal, strong feelings
flu, colds, germs, bacteria, viruses, epidemics, pollution
ambition, targeting, dispassionateness, moderation, nonpartisanship, goal-setting, propriety
The 7 Habits of Highly___ People
biased, individual, intuitiveness, abstraction, illusion, introspectiveness, unobjectiveness
gluing, taping, networking, relating, fastening, uniting, mixing
concertedness, mutuality, unification, aggregation, commonality, cooperation, corporateness
discerning, judiciousness, scrupulousness, fussiness, choosing, pickiness, carefulness
vetting, polling, voting, running for office, aspiration, choosing, balloting
expectations, proposals, waiting, feelings of destiny, future-focus, imminence, promises
editing, improvement, redress, grinding eyeglasses, bracing, reparation, discipline

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