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Boston Red Caps 1876-1882
Blazing Saddles Camping Scene 
Peace, Man 
Cowpokes, Sounds Like Poolsharks 
Beantown Warriors (*) 
We Like That Other Name (*) 
Beertown Warriors (*) 
1995 Champs (*) 
Chicago White Stockings NL 1876-1889
NFL Horse 
Who Has No Parents? 
Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers 1884-1888
Just Married, Or Soon To Be 
McLovin Movie, minus D  
NY Borough Evaders (*) 
Rockin' (bird) 
We Like That Other Name (*) 
1988 Champs (*) 
Cincinnati Red Stockings 1882-1889
Same As Now 
Cooked Lobster Limbs 
1990 Champs 
St. Louis Brown Stockings 1882
Like The NFL Team 
Cigars Without Flaws? 
2006 Champs 
Los Angeles Angels 1961-1964
Think Big (*) 
Think Small (*) 
What Were They Thinking? (*) 
Philadelphia Athletics 1901-1954
Sunshine Band A's (*) 
1989 Champs (*) 
Milwaukee Brewers 1901
Like The NFL Team, Again 
Home of Poe Birds  
Seattle Pilots AL 1969
Switched Leagues... 
In 1998 
Baltimore Orioles 1901-1902
Some Scots 
Love 'Em Or Hate 'Em 
Cleveland Blues 1901-1904
New York Gothams 1883-1884
Big Apple Big Fellas (*) 
Alcatraz Bigs (*) 
Boston Americans 1901-1907
2004, 2007 Champs 
Chicago White Stockings AL 1901-1903
2005 Champs 
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1998-2007
Exorcise For Success 
Washington Senators 1961-1971
'Bush' League 
Houston Colt .45s 1962-1964
Jetson Dogs 
Washington Senators 1901-1960
M & SP, MN 
Montreal Expos 1969-2004
Go South 
Same as it Ever Was... NL
1st Year 1883 
1st Year 1962 
1st Year 1969 
Pittsburgh Alleghenys 1882-1890
1979 Champs 
Same as it Ever Was... AL
1st Year 1901 
1st Year 1969 
Same as it Ever Was... NL
1st Year 1993 E. 
1st Year 1993 W. 
1st Year 1998 
Same as it Ever Was... AL
1st Year 1977 E. 
1st Year 1977 W. 

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