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Can you name the missing words from these Scrubs quotes?

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QuoteMissing wordCharacter
Well isn't that just the pickle on the giant crap ____ that is my day.Elliot
I'm going to tell you the same thing I told the comedian at that strip joint in Reno... I'm not here for the ____. Dr. Kelso
Oh, my God! I just gagged and vomited at the same time. I ____. Dr. Cox
Ahh. Uncomfortable silences and alcohol. Just like ____ at home... J.D.
____ is a simple game. The first one to get embarrassed and pull up their scrubs loses. Turk
____ ____. Six years she's been going there, and the only thing getting any thinner is my wallet! Dr. Kelso
If there's one thing I've learned at this hospital, it's to never antagonize your boss or the people who makes the food, because you end up eating ____. Elliot
And this is a fact: you are what you eat. And you clearly went out and devoured a ____ ____ guy, didn't ya? Dr. Cox
I have to go, there's a ____ reduction on the fourth floor... I'm gonna go try and stop it. Todd
So what you're saying is you have a ____ that is totally your ____ but you'd like to find a way to make that ____ my ____, but here's the ____, newbie, it ain't my ____. Dr. Cox
QuoteMissing wordCharacter
Why don't I ever listen to ____? J.D.
This is the reason why your headache didn't go away: That's actually pronounced analgesic, not anal-gesic. Sir, the pills go in your ____. Turk
And if you perform while under the influence... don't tell the patient. Unless they're ____, and in that case, if you're sure... very, very sure... you can tell them anything. Ted
There are a lot of ways to grieve, but last time I checked, ____ style wasn't one of them. J.D.
E: Can't we just go home, and put on our PJ's, and watch ____ ____? JD: Oh, I do love that show. It's like they've been watching our lives and then just put it on TV. Elliot and J.D.
I love this ____ so much, I want to have sex with it. Dr. Cox
FP: You know doctor, I'm getting a little tired of your sexual ____. T: In your endo. Female patient and Todd
Are my new ____ made of wool? Cause my weasel's getting heat stroke! Dr. Kelso
Why do people keep marrying Larry King? The man looks like a ____. Turk
You seem ____. I like that. Janitor

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