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Can you answer these Avatar: The Last Airbender questions for each letter of the alphabet?

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A - The name for a duel between two fire benders
B - The King of Omashu and Aang's friend
C - Sakka's nickname for the assassin Zuko hired in Book 3
D - Another name for the solar eclipse, when the invasion of the Fire Nation is planned
E - Riding these is the reason Team Avatar went to Kyoshi
F - The name of Avatar Roku's Dragon
G - A monk of the Northern Air Temple, and Aang's teacher
H - The young Earthbender Katara rescues from prison
I - Zuko's Uncle
J - The leader of the Freedom Fighters
K - Aang's Fire Nation friend from before he was frozen
L - The song that Iroh sings in memory of his son
M - Aang's lemur
N - The creature with a paralytic tongue that June uses to hunt
O - The second largest Earth Kingdom city
P - The board game that Iroh enjoys playing
Q - The overseer of the Fire Nation's technology
R - The Avatar before Aang
S - The overland route into Ba Sing Se
T - Azula's acrobatic friend
U - The great beast off the coast of Kyoshi
V - A yuyuan archer and rough rhino rider who killed Jet's parents
W - The spirit owl who runs the great library
X - The promoter of the underground Earth Bending tournament, hired by the Beifong's to capture Toph
Y - Sokka's first girlfriend. Turned into the moon
Z - First a commander, then an Admiral, this Fire Nation leader killed the moon spirit

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