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Can you name the [diverse entity referring to a range of seemingly unrelated objects]?

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What is the original name for Mount Everest?
What city has the biggest population in the world?
What does the chemical symbol Hg stand for?
What is the biggest planet in our Solar System?
What is the name of the process that takes place on the Sun involving the tranformation of Hydrogen into helium?
What is the name of the highest waterfall in the world?
What is the capital city of Kyrgyzstan?
What is the biggest desert in the world?
What is the driest desert in the world?
Who wrote War and Peace?
What is the name of the western half of the island of New Guinea?
What is the name of the island on which Haiti and the Dominican Republic are situated?
What is the second biggest lake in the world?
How deep is Lake Baikal?
Name the famous book written by Emily Bronte?
What is the third book of Alexandre Dumas' 3 Musketeers series?
Where was the first Disneyland built (which state)?
What Microsoft computer programme is used to make databases?
What is the name of the southern most city in the world?
What German state is the city of Munich in?
What is the geographical term given to the shockwaves that occur during an earthquake?
Which country is the Okavango delta in?
What is the name of the substance that the outer layer of the human tooth is made of?
What county is the city of Exeter (England) in?
What is the name of the famous waterfall on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border?
What is the chemical term given to the process of breaking down a substance by heating it?
How many stones are in 1 ton?
Who discovered the chemical element Thorium?
What is the name of our galaxy?
What does the biological abbreviation DNA stand for?
What was the name of the French King's Palace that stood just outside Paris?
What is the height of the Niagara Falls?
Name the five great lakes of America, in alphabetical order?
What is the last letter of the greek alphabet (word)?
Who wrote the war poem 'Who's for the Game?'
Who was the first Plantaganet King?
What were the ancient people who used to live in Peru called?
What is the most commonly used letter of the English alphabet?
What did the River Congo used to be called?
Who was the longest ruling monarch of England?
What is the biggest country in Africa?
What is the name of the tallest mountain range in the world?
Who was the last Stuart monarch?
What element is Y the symbol for?
What was the name of the famous french soldier, who became a General at the age of 18?
What is the third longest river in the world? C……………… (Y…………..)
What is the second longest river in China? (same format as question 48)
Which of the Japanese islands is the city of Nagasaki on?
What is the river that the Victoria Falls is on?
What countries does Thailand border? (4 in alphabetical order)
What is the state capital of the Canadian state Ontario?
What is the second biggest drainage basin in the world?
Who wrote 'The Railway Children'?
What is the capital city of Kazakhstan?
What were the powerful rulers of Spain and Austria during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries called?

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