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Can you name Every Creature From The Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts Franchise?

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Ministry RankingCreaturesDescription
XXXWalking Fungus
XXXSad Bee
XXOne Lives in the Weasley's Attic
XXLiving Ball Of Fluff
XXXXInvisible Ape
XXHorse Guardian
XBoring Mushrooms
XXXXHalf-Man, Half-Horse
XXXXGolden Ox
XXXIrish Gold Guarding Dwarf
XXXXLoch Ness Monster
UnknownGoat Sucker
XXAnother Word For Devilish Trickster
XXXMagic Pufferfish
XXSmall Cows That Dances At The Full Moon
XXXMagic Hedgehog
XXXXX5-Legged Man-Eating Spider
XXXRat With An Anemone On Its Back
XXXXWinged Snake
XXXXRhino That Makes Stuff Explode
UnknownNearly Headless Nick or Moaning Myrtle
XXXLockhart's Bane
XXXGreen Lobster
XXXBig Water Snake
XXXXXSix Legged Mountain Lion
XXIrish Phoenix, Foretells Rain
XXXXXSnakes With Protrusions from its Head
XXXXThe Origin Of Quidditch
Ministry RankingCreaturesDescription
XXXTalking Weasel
XXXXInvisible Warthog
XXXFire Lizard
XXXXThere's A (Answer) In The Dungeon!
UnknownDeer That Can Mimic Voices From Crimes Of Grindelwald
XXXXFlying Serpent With Legs
XXXXFrank from Fantastic Beasts
UnknownSiren Relative
XXSmall British Water Demon
XXXXXRemus Lupin
XXXXXFire Breathing Flying Lizard
XXXSmall Gray Russian Creature with A Big Head
XXXBiting Fairy
UnknownSkull-Faced Butterfly from Fantastic Beasts
XXBird That Plays Every Sound It Has Ever Heard When It Dies
UnknownSoul Sucking Wraith
XXXShrinking Lizard
XXXSea Horse Take To The Next Level
XXXSnake Born from Unchecked Fire
XXXRound Fish With Legs
UnknownHuge Lion from Crimes of Grindelwald
XXXMagic Alligator
XXXXXDeadly Leopard
UnknownGlowing Squid from Fantastic Beasts
XXMagic Fleas
XXXCrookshanks Is Half Cat And Half This
XXLock Picking Plant
XXXRainbow Snail
XXXBird whose song will drive someone insane
Ministry RankingCreaturesDescription
XXXXGerman Elf
XXXXAnswer My Riddle If You Dare
XXXBejeweled Crab that Shoots Fire
XXTeleporting Dodo
XXXXXHuman Faced Lion with Scorpion Tail
XXXXXLiving Shroud
XXXDwarf That Lives On Battlegrounds
XXXLong Legged Pig
XSlimy, Boring Worm
XXXDrawn To Shiny Things
XXGarden Pests
UnknownManticore+Fire Crab
XXXXTrolls Use Them For Mounts
XXXHorned Monster That Eats Mooncalves
XXXXJapanese Water Demon
XXXXFirst Movie, Forbidden Forest
XXSmall Magical People
XXXXXBig Talking Spider
XXXSimple Water Creature
UnknownWasp-Moth Hybrid
XXXXXSerpent of Slytherin
XXFrog Monkey
XXXXThe Abominable Snowman
UnknownCats Guarding The French Ministry Of Magic
XXXX3-Headed Tiger Colored Snake
XXFish That Anchors Boats In Place
XXXDog With A Forked Tail
XXXShiny Blue Bug

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