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Do you know all the main characters in Pokemon?

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About themCharacter NameGen They Are From
Star Of The Show&Owns A PikachuGen 1-6
Water Type Gym Leader&Has Orange HairGen 1-2
Rock Type Gym LeaderGen 1-4
First Prof. That Ash MeetsGen 1
Prof. That Studies On Pokemon BreedingGen 2
The Daughter Of NormanGen 3
The Son Of NormanGen 3
Studies On Pokemon HabitatsGen 3
Owns A PiplupGen 4
About themCharacter NameGen They Are From
The Boss Of DawnGen 4
Has An AxewGen 5
Part Of The Striaton TrioGen 5
Only Female ProffesorGen 5
Picked A FennekinGen 6
Owns A DedenneGen 6
Electric Type Gym LeaderGen 6
Studies On Mega EvolutionGen 6

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