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Can you name the following puzzle video games?

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DescriptionGameRelease date
Drop shapes composed of four square blocks to form horizontal lines. As each shape falls, you can rotate it 90 degrees. Created by Alexey Pajitnov.1984
Uncover all squares in a grid which do not contain mines. Included with every Windows version since 3.1.1989
Catch blocks moving down a conveyor belt and drop them into the playing area to form vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines. The largest bonus is awarded for making a 5x5 'X'.1989
Destroy viruses by aligning them with vitamin capsules of the same color. Viruses and capsule halves disappear when four objects of the same color are aligned.1990
Cycle sets of 3 jewels in each falling block to create matches; the blocks themselves cannot be rotated. Most commonly associated with Sega's Genesis and Game Gear.1990
Safely guide a group of mindlessly walking creatures to an exit by assigning them functions, such as digging, blocking, floating, and bashing.1991
Create Rube Goldberg devices by assembling the given components to perform simple tasks. Some puzzles have unusual gravity or air pressure.1992
Shoot bubbles up and off walls to break groups of bubbles on a descending ceiling. Created by Taito, it inspired clones such as Snood and Dynomite.1994
Break gems to fill up your opponent's board with Counter Gems. Play as one of 8 super deformed characters, including Hsien-Ko, Morrigan, and Ryu.1996
DescriptionGameRelease date
Swap gem pairs to match at least 3 gems in a row. In sequels, matching 4 or 5 gems creates power-ups such as star gems and hypercubes.2001
Pirate-themed MMO with a variety of puzzles to achieve tasks such as crafting, sailing, fighting, and carousing.2003
One of the two Nintendo DS games testing memory, logic, and reaction time to measure mental agility.2005
In this Nintendo DS game, line up 3+ blocks to ignite them and lift blocks above the bottom screen. The game's evil, namesake planet is the final stage.2005
Use a handheld device to teleport your character (and other objects) between locations to escape from Aperture Science.2007
Match gems to collect mana and skulls to damage your opponent in this RPG/puzzle hybrid. A sci-fi themed sequel, Galactrix, uses hex tiles. 2007
Manipulate time to collect jigsaw puzzle pieces in this indie platformer. You can reverse time even after dying.2008
Drag and drop black blobs to connect them, building structures to reach the exit pipe. Collect blobs on game levels and use them to create the tallest tower.2010

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