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What is the colour of Rudolph's nose?
In the song 'Silent Night', what comes after 'Sleep in'?
Finish the name! Good King W________
What is the traditional icon in which couples kiss each other under?
What little people help Santa Claus wrap presents?
What name is Santa Claus given in the film 'Miracle on 34th Street'?
Someone special has a birthday on Christmas. Who?
'On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and _______'. Who is the missing reindeer?
Which traditional meat do people eat at Christmas?
Santa Claus puts what under the tree?
What drink do people leave out for Santa Claus?
Which continent does Santa start his trip around the world? (Hint: think about time zones)
Where does Santa stay?
What do people usually leave on the fireplace?
Santa has many names, like Kris Kringle, Santa Claus and mainly just Santa. But there is one that refers to him being a saint. Which?
It is tradition that people chop down a what to put in their house?
What does Santa ride on his present delivering journey?
What fictional character stole Christmas?
What do people go to other people's doors and do at Christmas?
Sometimes, on Christmas morning, people go to which building?
In one Christmas song, what does one girl wish for for Christmas?
People long for what weather on Christmas?
What dessert do most people have at Christmas dinner?
Where does Santa and his reindeer usually land at a house?
Which religion did Christmas originate from?
Which day follows Christmas?
Christmas is one week before what?
What can be bought 25 days before Christmas, and be eaten once a day?
In the song 'Jingle Bells' what is so much fun to ride on?
What two colours are mostly associated with Christmas?
What does one person receive on the fifth day of Christmas?
What colour is Santa's suit?
What do most people put on top of the Christmas tree?
What do most people like building with snow?
Which famous film is about a boy and a snowman (and a dog)?
What is the day before Christmas known as?
Complete the song name, 'All I Want For Christmas is ___'.

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