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Time PeriodDinosaur
IgneousRocks that contain felsic minerals
MineralsReflect light
AquifersLarge, synclinal and confined
Rock ClassificationDeposition of matieral
Tectonic platesPlates sliding past each other
Earth StructureOrigin of magnetic field
ChalkOrganisms that are in chalk
Rock ClassificationFrom a melt
Sedimentary StructureDried out-contracted mud
MetamorphicTexture of schist
FaultsHanging wall moves up
Earth StructureCold, hard, rigid
FaultsScratch marks on fault planes
FaultsHanging wall moves down
Sedimentary StructureInclined layers, ripples and dunes.
Igneous2 rates of cooling
HintAnswerExtra Info
Intrusion Discordant, sheet like.
MetamorphicTexture of Gneiss
MetamorphismHeat and lots of pressure
IntrusionConcordant, 2 baked margins
MetamorphismHeat and little pressure
Tectonic platesPlates moving apart
Sedimentary StructureRecord of living activity
MetamorphicTexture of slate
Tectonic platesPlates moving together
Rock fragmentsForeign rock
FaultsLow angle reverse fault
Rock ClassificationRecrystallization
MineralsScale of hardness
Deep MarineHigh velocity current from continental shelf
IgneousRocks that contain mafic minerals
EarthquakesDeep focus Earthquakes at plate margins
Earth StructureSolid, Centre of a Planet
IgneousInfilled vesicle
IgneousLarge crystal

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