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Offspring resemble their parents because of what being passed down?
What does the nucleus of your cells contain?
What do chromosomes carry that control the characterisitics of your body?
What are the different forms of genes called?
Who were working on the DNA problem at Cambridge in 1950?
What is stored in chromosomes?
Genetic information is passed onto you in which cell?
What are characteristics determined by?
How many times does a cell divide in mitosis?
Which cell division causes the daughter cell to be genetically identical to the parent cell?
How many times does a cell divide in meiosis?
How many sets of chromosomes do body cells have?
How many chromosomes does a sex cell have?
What is the name of the male gamete?
Why did Gregor Mendel become a monk?
What are the two types of alleles?
Cystic fibrosis is caused by which allele?
What colour is Jenna's hair?
How long is Aminah's hair?

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