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Can you name the the people who changed the world?

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What did they do?Person
Led revolts against British Empire in India.
Became first British woman PM.
Leader of the Lancastrian army during War Of The Roses.
German general with toothbrush moustache.
Discovered gravity when apple fell on his head.
Invened dynamite and _____ Peace Prize.
Revolted against apartheid in South Africa.
American gangster wanted for fraud and 16 accounts of tax evasion.
Ruler of Mongol Empire that conquered by slaughtering more people than anyone ever.
Dropped apple and orange off Leaning Tower Of Piza.
What did they do?Person
Greek philsopher who cleverly depicted the Earth's origins.
'Discovered' America.
Roman that came, saw, conquered and went home.
Saxon king that burnt the cakes.
Wrote plays and sayings and impressed Queen Liz.
Helped black people, women and people in poverty find freedom.
Islamic terrroist that formed Al-Qaeda and lead 9/11 attack.
Soviet leader during WW2.
Cambodian prime minster that ordered for slaying of his people.
Current British Queen.

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