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QUIZ: Can you name the anatomical structures of the thorax?

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most superior portion of the sternum
space through which the trachea, carotid arteries, esophagus, phrenic and vagus nerves pass, bounded by T1, the first ribs, and the manubrium
ribs 8-10
impression on surface of left lung
fissure between 2 lobes of left lung
vertical narrow groove on posterior mediastinal surface of right lung
artery which supplies the breast
pleura directly covering the lungs
preganglionic sympathetic axon which synapses in ganglia of the abdomen, arises from spinal levels T10,11
branch of the aortic arch which supplies the left side of the head and neck
provide all preganglionic parasympathetic innervation
a branch of the left vagus nerve which arises at the aortic arch
lymph nodes which drain the lung and heart
the most inferior component of the sternum
valve in heart with two cusps
remnant of the embryonic ductus arteriosum
muscular ridge that runs along the right wall of the atrium at the termination of the pectinate muscles
translucent oval depression in the interatrial wall
branch of the left coronary artery to the posterior side of the heart
tongue-like piece hanging from left lung
innervation of pectoralis minor muscle
spinal nerve formed from anterior rami of thoracic nerves containing somatic motor, sensory, and post-ganglionic sympathetic axons
spinal nerve originating at T12
ribs 11-12
superficial vein which drains blood from upper limb into the axillary vein
innervated by long thoracic nerve
spinal levels of long thoracic nerve

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