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'Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes' | 1989 
It's like having the same alarm clock song set for 6:00 everyday | 1993 
Make a tribe in your own backyard | 1998 
The only weapon capable of destroying the killer rabbit is Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch | 1974 
Mugatu invented the piano key necktie | 2001 
A trio of friends are on a quest to stop El Guapo | 1986 
Travis Bickle likes to sing to his cat, Mr. Jinx | 2000 
'Canis lupus! Vulpes Vulpes!' | 2009 
Chicago song played backwards | 2000 
When a former basketball player yells 'Vanquish my enemies', you better stay out of his way | 1998 
That shoe looks tasty, may I have some please? | 1925 
Dude looks like a lady! | 1993 
This guy has lived through the Black Death and has seen The Exorcist 167 times | 1988 
'He who questions training only trains himself at asking questions', but Mr. Furious does not agree | 1999 
The blind old hermit seems very friendly (and clumsy) |1974 
'That'll do pig. That'll do.' | 1995 
The one-dollar bet that ruined lives | 1983  
Whenever you got car (or horse) troubles, you should try changing the solenoid | 2006 
'King illegal forest to pig wild kill in it a is' | 1993 
All he has to say is 'asphinctersayswhat' | 1992 
Jules Winnfield adviced him against it, but he still booked the room | 2007 
Quint's shark fishing | 1975 
Problem: Mind-reading children. Solution: Think of a brick wall | 1960 
The First Born Son, The Juggernaut, The Pilgrimess are only 3 out of the baker's dozen spirits | 2001  
The twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington, also known as the Boomstick | 1992 
Don't feed them after midnight or else you'll have your hands full | 1984 
Tired of the hose? Then put the lotion on! | 1991 
When you lose control of your hand, you know you're in the devil's workshop | 1999 
London is down, next stop Manchester! | 2002 
Do NOT go to her prom | 1976 
You'll regret watching about seven days (also remade in 2002) | 1998 
She carries the spawn of Satan | 1968 
The 'Batman' soundtrack record is not very effective against the undead | 2004 
Isn't that a cute baby? Even the lady in the radiator likes it | 1977 
Weapon of choice: Kitchen knife | 1978 
Sumatran Rat-Monkeys...they bite! | 1992 
'Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors.' | 1981  
...5, 6 - grab your crucifix... | 1984 
The baseball bat stairs scene has been shot 127 times | 1980 
Testing blood samples with heated wires | 1982 
Everyone knows they're here, even the little girl | 1982 

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