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Best karaoke performence of Jefferson Airplane's 'Somebody to love' in a movie | 1996 
The first of many on-screen collaboration by two grumpy men | 1966 
Rule number 4: Doubletap | 2009 
Life in the army is sometimes fun | 1970 
Mike Tyson took singing lessons for this one...they don't seem to pay off | 2011 
The rapid dialogue will blow your mind | 1940 
When the teacher calls you three times and you don't answer...something's up | 1986 
'Mein F├╝hrer! I can walk!' | 1964 
The Stonehedge Monument is so huge that a dwarf can crush it | 1984 
To Walley World! | 1983 
This comes from experience: Veronica Vaughn is one piece of ace! | 1995  
That's not hair gel, Cameron Diaz | 1998 
'Sprechen sie deutsch?' 'Ja' 'Then droppen sie dead!' | 1953 
Only siblings (or not) can name the same dinosaur as their favorite at the same time | 2008 
'Want some of my gefilte fish?' It's a hard word to pronounce | 2001 
No mugger's knife can beat his outback blade | 1986 
Tip: when someone asks you if you're a god, you say 'YES'! | 1984 
The worst recruits in the history of the academy | 1984  
Harry Osborn is your local dealer | 2008 
Storm the castle for some beef inside bread rolls | 2004  
Obi-Wan Kenobi plays an entire wealthy family | 1949 
Gun < Cannoli | 1972 
'Remember this, if you see someone doing something but at the same time watching you... then he is a cop' | 2002 
'It's been emotional' - Big Chris | 1998 
That special life insurance policy clause can double the payout | 1944  
Two legendary actors shared their first on-screen scene in a diner | 1995 
Ralph's favourite song: 'Foul owl on the prowl' | 1967 
This guy really wants to know what Marcellus Wallace looks like | 1994 
His wife's womb is polluted and she's also a basehead...but then again so is he | 1983 
It's Popeye, only this time he's not eating spinach | 1971 
Steve Buscemi is a funny lookin' a general kind of way | 1996 
5 Criminals vs 1 Old Lady...a match for the ages! | 1955  
'No no no no no no no no no...etc' | 2000 
Dead Rabbits or Natives? | 2002 
One of the best Robert De Niro french! | 1995 
Got a grudge against someone? Write it down in my supernatural notebook and your problems disappear | 2006 
A feud between two crime lords...also remade by Sergio Leone| 1961 
'Your listening to K-Billy's Super Sounds of the Seventies' | 1992 
This movie contains the true definition of should watch it Alanis Morissette | 1997 
Ultra-violence, milk & Beethoven | 1971 

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