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Transformation Actor % Correct
Gained 30 lbs to play an alcoholic baseball coach, lost all of it and more to play an AIDS stricken gay lawyer and years later another 50 lbs to play a shipwrecked Fed-Ex employeeTom Hanks
Lost 62 lbs to play an industrial worker plagued by insomnia. Then regained all of his mass, plus an extra 60 lbs to play Gotham's silent guardian.Christian Bale
Lost 20 lbs to play a ballerina set to star in a famous Tchaikovsky balletNatalie Portman / Mila Kunis
He piled on 60 lbs to play aging boxer Jake La Motta and put on weight again for his performance as famous gangster Al CaponeRobert De Niro
She gained 20 lbs to play a thirty-something single working woman who keeps a diaryRenée Zellweger
She underwent extensive training and gained 19 lbs of muscle for her role as a skilled would-be boxerHilary Swank
He lost 40 lbs for his role as a combat medic, 30 lbs as a talented con-artist, gained weight to play a conjoined twin and more than 30 lbs to play a whistle blowerMatt Damon
Gained 30 lbs for her role of a deranged prostitute who was executed in Florida for the killing of six menCharlize Theron
Once a Spartan king, he has now lost the bulky muscles for his role as mentor to an iconic surferGerard Butler
Lost 10 lbs before filming began and then another 15 during a break in production for the role of Fantine, a prostitute dying of malnutritionAnne Hathaway
Bulked up about 30 lbs through a rigorous routine consisting of a high protein diet, no cardio and lots of heavy lifting for his appearance as a white supremacistEdward Norton
Transformation Actor % Correct
Dropped 40 lbs for his role as a cop who goes undercover as a high school student to prevent the outbreak of a new synthetic drugJonah Hill
Went through a total transformation for her role as Lisbeth Salander, for which she cut and dyed her hair, got several piercings and lost a lot of weightRooney Mara / Noomi Rapace
He bulked up to play a notorious prisoner piling 42 lbs and once again gained nearly 30 lbs to play Batman's adversaryTom Hardy
Had to put on 35 lbs to play Bob Barnes, a veteran Operations Officer with the CIA trying to stop illegal arms trafficking in the Middle EastGeorge Clooney
Lost 30 lbs for his role as Britt Reid, a wealthy newspaper publisher who is secretly a masked crimefighterSeth Rogen
Had to drop 30 lbs for his role as the bassist of the punk-rock band 'The Sex Pistols'Gary Oldman
Put on a staggering 70 lbs to play Leonard 'Gomer Pyle' Lawrence, an overweight and mentally unstable Marine recruitVincent D'Onofrio
He put on about 25 lbs of pure muscle for his role as Anthony Swofford, a Scout Sniper in the first Gulf WarJake Gyllenhaal
Made himself almost unrecognizable losing nearly 40 lbs to play a psychotically fit cage-fighting serial killer plotting against Alex CrossMatthew Fox
Normally known as a comic sidekick, he lost 40 lbs to play alongside Christian Bale as a prisoner of warSteve Zahn
Dropped over 40 lbs playing Bobby Sands, an IRA hunger-striker who believed that self suffering was the best way to convey his messageMichael Fassbender

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