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Author of the bookInitials S-C
Name of the main characterPlayed by Logan Lerman
Charlie's friend and crushPlayed by Emma Watson
Charlie's sister's first boyfriendHas a ponytail
Sam's stepbrotherPlayed by Ezra Miller
Patrick's nicknameAchieved this name during Shop class
Charlie's English teacherFamous quote: We accept the love we think we deserve
Charlie's (favourite) auntDied while getting Charlie's birthday present
What does Alice always steal from the mall?...even though she's rich.
Prom dance song in the filmWhere Sam and Patrick do the 'living room routine'
The class that Charlie and Patrick shareWhere Patrick acquires his nickname
Charlie's original best friendNo longer alive
What did Michael do?'His neighbours heard the ******* while playing Bridge'
What does Charlie really want to drink at Bob's party?After he eats the 'brownie'
What 'illness' does Bob have?'Remember Charlie, Bob's NOT ********'
What did Sam listen to when she was a freshman?Vodafone's *** *** **
How did she describe her taste in music?the ***** Top 40
Patrick's 'boyfriend'?Had to get drunk to love him
Actor who plays Mr. Anderson?Also in Role Models and Clueless
Year the book was publishedTurn of the century
Year the film was releasedWorld nearly ended! (not)
The name of the magazine Mary-Elizabeth is working on?Based on the show
Punk Rocky is based on the show...Show the magazine is based on
Charlie's favourite song by The Smiths?Sing me to sleep, I'm tired and I want to go to bed
What did Massachusetts and Long Island do to the book? Parents were 'outraged' when other schools didn't do this
Major theme the film is based on?What is the film about?
Charlie's most memorable line?Says it when the ******** song is playing
What Charlie has?...because his aunt Helen died and he thinks it's his fault
Charlie's age?Hint: Freshman year
Charlie's school year?Sam and Patrick are just leaving as he enters his second year

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