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QuoteMissing Word Who said it?
'They're beyond help, honey, that's the nature of being ____'Jim
'___do you seek?!'Madame Leota
'How wonderful, you're going to ____ a ghost!'Ramsley
'You left your ____ in the mausoleum!'The Singing Heads
'Oh ___, kids, don't step in that!'Jim
'Happy ________, happy happy happy...'Mrs and Mr Silverman
'When the ghosts come out to _______! Do do do do do'The Singing Heads
'Welcome, _______ mortals!'Spooky voiceover
QuoteMissing Word Who said it?
'Tell me, Mr Evers, do you _______ in... ghosts?'Master Gracey
When they ____, they couldn't find the light!'Emma
'How should I know? I'm not the _______ man!'Megan
'Er, honey... they have... um... dead______ in the backyard!'Jim
'Oh well, some people have pools, some have private _________!'Sara
'Hey, dad, can I go to that _____ shop where I had that whole pizza pie?'Michael
'The ___ is the answer to all!'Madame Leota

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